Project – BHP Dry Mess Upgrade Newman

Project – BHP Dry Mess Upgrade Newman

Engineer – CMP D and C

MP were engaged to complete a review on the recently purchased Newman Village’s. The first phase of works was to complete a design scope to Air Condition the eating and kitchen areas along with the upgrade of Kitchen Canopies. Time was critical with only 12 weeks to complete design, manufacturing and installation.

CMP assessed the sites and found both premises to have multiple high wall split systems, no outside air and a non-compliant kitchen canopy solution providing exhaust only through some sub-standard exhaust fans. This was putting both buildings under negative pressure and causing dust infiltration into the cafeteria area. Kitchen canopies also failed to meet Australian Standards with heights and Health Regulations so the canopies would need to be redesigned. Ceiling heights in both buildings were low requiring us to think outside the box with the AC and Kitchen Exhaust design.

Our Compliant Solution

CMP firstly completed some heat loads based on occupancy levels and came up with a Temperzone DX Packaged Type Solution for both Camps. Outside Air requirement to AS1668.2 2015 with additional make up provided for the canopies.

We then worked closely with Western Stainless Solutions to custom design the Kitchen Canopies to meet the cookware layout and Australian Standards. Push/Pull Type canopies were designed with outside air being fed directly into the canopy through some filtered Fantech Outside Air Fans. VSD Control of Fans allowed us to accurately balance the systems.

Both buildings held their own design challenges with no ceiling clearances but these were overcome with some building works, input from the client and some initiation from our contract team.

We put together an A Grade team to complete the work and would like to thank the following people for their contribution on yet another successful project for CMP;

  • The Client – The clients building construction team were outstanding to work with and made sure every time we got to site, everything was ready to go. I have worked with a lot of teams in the Pilbara and this team was by far the best construction team I have worked with on such a short time frame contract. Thanks Zac and the Team.
  • GW Air – Griff and Harley did an outstanding job with exceptional attention to detail and a OHS mindful approach. Thanks guys for your work and Griff for his high level JHA’s
  • Resource IE – Daz, Jarvo and the team completed another high level install on a difficult site for access. The MSSB layout and connection was high quality and all items tested up with no issues. Thanks Guys
  • Temperzone – Lawza, Jimmy and Paige met all deadlines and manage to handle some site specific issues with promptness and priority. Nobu Points for Jimmy lol
  • Western Stainless – Paul, Fletch and the delivered a high level finish of canopy with some design challenges which we worked through together. Thanks
  • Fairweather Drafting – Thanks to Paul for his work having to spend 2 days just drawing the buildings as there were no drawings available and to draft up some quality shop drawings to manufacture and install to.
  • Applied Industries Sheet Metal – Thanks Carl, Dave and the Team for manufacturing some high quality duct work with some excellent QA processes in place. These processes made sure that all equipment delivered to site was manufactured at a high quality and was correct to the drawings.
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