CMP Fundraiser – Hawaiian Ride for Youth

CMP Fundraiser – Hawaiian Ride for Youth

Youth Focus Major Team Sponsorship

Customised Mechanical Projects were more than happy to support such a great cause.

The prime objectives of the Hawaiian Ride for Youth are:

  • to raise awareness of the issues concerning youth suicide, depression and self-harm
  • to raise awareness of the services provided by Youth Focus
  • to raise funds for Youth Focus

Youth Focus is a unique independent not for profit organisation that supports vulnerable young people in Western Australia by offering a range of mental health services. They operate with a team of highly trained and skilled psychologists, social workers and occupational therapists to provide a range of early intervention and prevention services free of charge, aimed at supporting young people and their families to overcome the issues associated with suicide, depression and self-harm.

They do an amazing job and CMP were thrilled we could get involved.

A massive congratulations to Kieran and the Team who cycled from Albany to Perth and raised in excess of $75,000 through the year. It is an amazing effort which involves high level training to prepare yourself for the 500km+ Slog not to mention the effort put in to arrange fundraising events like the highly successful Poker night (taking out by yours truly).

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