Pilbara Chilled Water Pipe

Pilbara Chilled Water Pipe

Whether a small office building, a high rise or a large industrial facility, Customised Mechanical Projects can provide a HVAC solution to meet your needs.

We specialise in the engineering, construction and management of Air Conditioning Services. We have experience in the design and construction sector and have relationships with most of the consultants working in Perth.

Case Study

Customised Mechanical Projects have just completed work on a 450m Chilled Water pipe changeout in the Pilbara. The client requested the removal of previously installed copper pipe in place of Kembla’s KemPress Stainless Steel System.

Our technicians were able to remove the existing pipe work and install the new pipe work in only 12 days due to the Crimp Connection system utilised on the KemPress Product. A hydro test was originally completed off site with pressures holding for 24 hours at 1000 kPA. This far exceeds the on site requirement of 400kPA.

The client is ecstatic with the quality and time Customised Mechanical Projects were able to turnover the project with minimal impact to the rest of the plant construction.

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